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New to RC

Hello all. I am brand spanking new to RC. I bought a cheap drone about a month ago and love flying it. I then started watching all kinds of youtube videos of drones and airplanes. I stumbled onto flite test's videos and got hooked. I built a chuck glider from from the tiny trainer. It was very fun and satisfying to build. Flew it a few times. That didn't go as well as I hoped. I need to rebuild the nose and work on the CG. I would like to get it transformed into my first powered RC airplane, but need to save up a little for it first. I am looking at getting the Spektrum dx6e as my first transmitter. I am hopeful to get this in the next few months, but we will have to see on the timing. I am also a teacher and the stem activities look like a lot of fun. I am interested to do some more reading about those and come up with ways to incorporate it in my school. I am looking forward to learning more about this hobby from all of you and am very glad that I came across this website.


Toothpick glider kid
Welcome to the forums, if you ever need advice or help with anything just ask and we'll do our best to help. Being a student finishing my third year of high school I would have loved to have a stem course with planes, I tried to start one but I couldn't find a teacher to do it. I would go for it, FT has a whole stem curriculum that can be found here.