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New to the Hobby and need some help.

Hey, I have recently finished my first build. I have it all bound and ready to fly. Took it out for the first flight, but when I throttle up the quad doesn't take off and also when I return the throttle to zero it will rotate between 11 o'clock and 1 o'clock.
Here is a video to help explain my problem

For ESC and motors, I am using the following, I followed the UAVfuture cheap drone build video on YouTube
Racerstar StarF4S 30A Blheli_S Dshot 4 in 1 ESC AIO F4 OSD Flight Controller w/ BEC Current Sensor
DYS Samguk Series Wei 2207 2300KV 2600KV 3-4S Brushless Motor for RC Drone FPV Racing - 2600KV


Elite member
To check the motors- TAKE THE PROPS OFF, then arm it on the bench, the motors should rotate inward like this-

When you arm the motors should spin, so you look at which way they go. If you have any motors running the wrong way then just swap any 2 of the wires on the ESC, faster than messing about with programming it. Ignore any running away on the bench if you hit the throttle, not having props on makes the motors do that, just disarm if it revs on its own.
Then disarm and fit the props, make sure they match the above rotation, the blades should have the thicker leading edge (angled face) following the direction of rotation.
Your ESC should all work straight from the box, it’s a 4in1 so will all be pre set up. Don’t worry about that. You can check that it’s working using the MOTORS tab in Betaflight, use the sliders to make sure you got all the motors wired right and they work.