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I am new to Quads, so before i go and buy a bigger quad (I do have a small eachines qx65, fun in the house mostly hovering lol) I figured i would invest in a simulator/game for the winter. I went with Liftoff as it was the only one i read that has a tutorial for Acro mode.

Now I am having trouble making small adjustments, my quad in game seems to drift to the left a little and i cant seem to get it to track straight, or get back on corse. Best i can describe is I feel like i am on ICE, and i cant seem to wrap my head around the controls. I feel like i am going too fast but it takes so much throttle to get it off the ground LOL, so i just go flying forward.

I made a little video showing a few "passes"

now in game i have trimmed out my controller in the "fine tuning"
~Judging by the video do you think i should trim more to compensate?
~any advice on control?

My Hardware, FLYSKY FS-i6
I have dual rates set up on my "normal" as ch1,2,4: rate 75, expo -30 (sport is set to stock100,0)

I know probably general advise is to stick with it it will click, which i plan on doing so. :)


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You never really need to trim a quad in acro mode. There is the initial subtrim to set when configuring your FC, but it just doesn't matter in a sim.

I'd recommend checking out JB's acro tutorials, they will get you in the right mindset. Then it's just a matter of practicing till your thumbs bleed ;)



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For both real quads and sim quads trimming is NEVER done.

For real quads all channels get set with centers at 1500us and end points at 1000us low side 2000us high side. Trims should be disabled if your radio has that feature.

For sims there is always some sort of calibration routine to match your radio to the software to keep things straight and should be done at the start of every session.

If you have issues in the sim zero your trims back out and do the calibration. Usually there is a cross hair screen afterwards where you fine tune or trim the sim.

Edit: also you should not be setting expo or dual rates like you do a fixed wing craft. All that is done in the flight control software or in the sim interface.

All that is done with how you set your rates.
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