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Newbie needing guidance

Hi! I have been reading bout various rc airplane designs and also explored much of the website( along with many others). I wanted to ask that for my first plane, should I try to build my own or go for a DIY kit? And, if I'm building my own, how much functionality should I add to it?(as in control over elevators and ailerons and stuff...). Also advise on which material should I work with. Thanks a lot!


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Start with a speedbuild kit and the accompanying power pack, it makes building much easier, with all the parts you need except a battery, transmitter and receiver. All you need is a servo tester to build your kit, you just need a way to centre the servos.
Don’t rush the transmitter, there’s lots of options aside from Spektrum, check out the thread here about transmitters.
The Tiny Trainer and Simple Scout are both good options. The TT is more adaptable, some people start off with three channel, which it can do, some prefer a four channel, which the TT does too. You set up lower rates to help fly more gently to begin with. The Tiny Trainer flies on a 2s Battery a bit slower which can help too.


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Buying or buildiing is a personal choice, there is no right or wrong answer. Buying a ready to fly plane (RTF) or almost ready to fly (ARF) plane will be faster but will be more expensive. Building your own plane will be cheaper but will take more time. Building will teach you the skills needed to repair after a crash and everyone crashes.

I use two brands of foam boards, Adams from the Dollar Tree and Ross from Walmart both are lightweight and are $1/sheet or less. Both work equally well for me, use Adams if you want to remove the paper.

I agree with @FDS, the FT kits and power packs are a great way to start. The tiny trainer and simple scout are great planes to start with. I’d like to add the simple cub, storch, bushwhacker and explorer to the list.
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