Next step up for Camera/VTX


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I have been running a AIO 25mW FPV camera that is about 5g. What would I want to look at if I wanted to get a better analog camera, VTX, antena, while still keeping my total weight low. This is for Fixed wings, with the goal of sub250g [some chance of a few uses over that, but that is part of my current goal set].


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My go to video system weighs 25g all up which includes the runcam pheonix2 the axii stubby and pigtail, and various versions of the Panda RC 5804 vtx which is 25 to 600 mw and hands down the best quality made piece of electronics for RC I have come across in my last 6+ years building and flying.

For micro quads I use the Eachine VTX03 which I cant seem to find anymore but there is a Wolfwhoop version that is the same thing and it is a lot lighter then the Panda rc ones but only 25/50/100/200 mw.