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noob fascinated with quads and flite test

pulled the trigger for radio and xsr receiver. in the mean time i'll keep flying my toy quad, where i'm at the wind is rarely totally calm, i have to fly in high rate, if in beginner rate it'll end up in next county:).
for the most part kinda got hang of orientation (at limited distance), crashes are getting less frequent.
when i get closer to buying more stuff for this endeavor, i'll start a new thread in a more appropriate area of forum.

thanks again


Fly Angry
Sounds like you are moving along nicely. Once you get set up on sims (Freerider is the main one I use) your skill will jump tremendously. Having a real radio vs a toy radio will make a huge difference in your control as you will automatically be a little smoother with using properly calibrated gear.

I assume you went for one of the Taranis radios since you said XSR receiver. Let us know when it arrives as most sims require a special range of signals to make sims work properly. Its a very simple thing and will take 5 minutes once you understand what to do.
yep went with qx7 at 104$ kinda no brainer. thing that probably really sold me is it looks well liked in reviews and looks like i won't have any problems with support when needed.
something else i have thought about that i could offer to the community. as i mentioned in first post, i'm a cnc machinist, actually have my own cnc mill in the basement, not hobby grade machine either, full on 3 axis, and cad/cam software to design and program it. been in trade for 33 years, most of the stuff i make i never get to see what it actually does.
anyway, if someone was in need of such service for the rc hobby, i'd be willing to do it probably just for the fun of it, unless there were any expensive materials involved. i have several scraps and bits of aluminum and plastic around, have worked with carbon fiber as well.
only other rule i'd have is it has to be fun and no super quick time constraints.
if it is something super involved, id just give you a quote for it. or some trading and bartering.
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Faster than a speeding faceplant!
OpenTX... Have a few Snickers handy when you decide to crack that nut.

Use the companion.

The USB cable is everything. If it doesn't connect, first suspect the USB cable.

When you figure out how, reward yourself; Amber. :)

Once it clicks, you will have a fine radio.
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Hi Dave!

I'm also pretty noob with quads but I've been having a lot of fun after a few false starts in the early summer. I have found that this hobby has a steep learning curve, but I think that's part of what makes it more compelling than some others. Anyway welcome!