Noob trying to bind


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Hey everyone, not sure if this was the correct subgroup to create a thread in. But didn't see any radio or transmitter sub forums, maybe I'm just blind lol.

So I got an iFlight Nzagul5 v2 and Radiomaster tx12 with a micro crossfire. Now my issue is when I try and bind, I turn on the radio/transmitter first and press the button on the micro crossfire, it starts blinking green so far so good. I plug in the battery to the Hangul and press the bind button on the receiver, it flashes green, fo far so good, but almost immediately after the receiver on the nazgul starts to flash red and the Micro crossfire starts blinking blue, so I read on TBS crossfire website it means it needs an update to press the button and it will go solid blue then green when its done. It does that and the receiver shows green at this point and the minor crossfire are green at this point. So I turn them off and back on and its like they didn't bind, the crossfire micro is flashing orange and the Hangul receiver is red. I have updated firmware on both the micro cross fire and the tx12. I cycled through the system in the tx12 and under the "TOOLS" page I do not have a crossfire configure, is that was it missing, and how do I get it?