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Noob with severe RX install problems...


New member
Hi All,

I am getting a little desperate, hit a ton of resources and some forums and thus far, no luck.

What I have is an XM+, a Jumper R1+, a Taranis x9 lite and a Fullspeed Toothpick Pro. It has been close on 3 weeks and I have not been able to fly. It is my only quad left so it is getting super frustrating.

Basically, no matter what so far, I do not get stick input in Betaflight. I have updated all firmware including quad, gotten a bind from both XM+ and the R1+, but absolutely nobody has gotten me to the point of actually getting stick input. When I did get a bind from the XM+, I got no RSSI. With the R1+ I get great RSSI binding in D16 mode, but still absolutely no inputs in Betaflight.

Enabled different UARTS. Tried halfduplex on and off. All sorts of stuff recommended but really no help so far.

If somebody has any experience with the Toothpick Pro and installing RX that will be amazing.

Right now, I am BAFFLED and really missing the hobby quite badly, wrecked all my other gear, saved up, got this, can't fly :(


Elite member
Did you double check that you had Sbus inversion on or off (not all FC’s have inverted Sbus pads?)
Switching is via CLI
Off is the reverse.
RSSI is on channel 16 on the XM+


Eternal Student
I think you're supposed to connect the signal wire to the nS pad beside the 3.3V pad, this (in my mind) would be the pad with the inverter.