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Terry T

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It's my 1st post and I am a "Noobie". I need to have someone explain to me what some of the terms that are used by the Flite Test guys on their show as well as getting technical information about some of the products they use. The have mentioned things about some sort of liquid (CPA or CAP -something like that) that they apply to wood products. What is it?
Also they have mentioned in one of their mini videos about the engine pod not being flat across - something to do with the angle - what's that about and how do I have to do this with every engine mount?
Also they did a video on the Turnigy 9X Radio and mentioned that they were looking for a manual on it - have they found one yet. I sort of found one but it wasn't exactly a OEM manual, it was kinda like one that someone had made on their own, but it was quite good.
I'd like to see a list of acronyms and what each means - can it be done?



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Hi Terry T, welcome to the FT forum! There are a lot of technical acronyms out there, but you will learn them quickly enough. First off, the liquid you're thinking of is CA, or cyanoacrylate, AKA Superglue! They use larger hobby grade bottles of CA to glue or strengthen wood.

About the angle on the power pod, I think they are referring to the trust angle. What this means is that the motor is mounted at an angle relative to the front of the power pod. Looking from the top with the motor pointing forward, the angle is usually to the right and down. Not every motor has to be mounted this way to fly well, although it could always be helpful to eliminate motor torque.

The Turnigy 9x unfortunately does not come with a manual, which is bad because the stock firmware is wacky. For a manual you're probably best off using the one you found or check out the files tab on the product page. You can also always google your problem. This is a large amount of turnigy 9x users who have instructions on how to do things.

I don't think a list of acronyms exists as a whole on this forum, but I did some research and found this list of acronyms for fixed wings, and for multirotors.

Good luck! There's a lot to learn but you'll have fun doing it!


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Hi Terry,

I am not sure about what exact shows you watched, so I am going to have to make some assumptions about what was discussed.

Here is a link that talks about some of the glues like CA & Epoxy and their uses.
There is also a foam safe CA glue that can be used to build/repair EPO & EEP foam planes.

Next I believe the discussion may have been on thrust angle of the motor mounts that counteract the thrust from motors.
More info can be found here:

Google & YouTube have lots of info on the Turnigy Radio's and about the topics above.


"expo" is a term to describe the way you can program the relation between the amount you move the stick versus the movement in the corresponding servo. without "expo", the angle you move the stick should match up exactly with the change in angle of the servo. with "expo" you can turn that "straight line" 1-to-1 relationship into more of a curve, ie: the center portion of your stick-movement area can effect the servo movement to a greater (or lesser) extent than the outside area.

I assume "expo" stands for "exponential <something>".

I'm sure someone else will come around with a better answer than this, but that is my understanding of it. Of course I've never used it, I'm still on my first cheapo transmitter that doesn't support it.