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North County Mini Maker Faire, June 15th - 16th, 2019


Knower of useless information
So, it's that time of the year again...

I'm going to be with Palomar RC Flyers at the North County Mini Maker Faire, where we'll be building Flite Test chuck gliders for kids, doing a static display, simulators for kids to try, and a presentation and demo of 3D aerial flight by one of the SPATS Invitational pilots in our club. :) And, if for some reason, they tell us we can't do the 3D flight demo, I've got TinyWhoops that we'll do some drone "Ride Alongs" with as well. :)

If anyone's in the North County San Diego, Temecula area, or south Orange County areas and wants to come out to check it out, please do! We'll not only be there, but there will be plenty of other booths to check out, from VR to laser cutting machines, to the San Diego Argonauts, who'll be doing boat displays, cardboard Battlebots, a Junkade (arcade games with controllers made out of junk!), cupcake cars (they look REALLY cool - giant cupcakes that kids can get in and ride around on!), even Russell the Electric Giraffe, which can interact with guests by responding to petting and greetings.

If anyone is interested, feel free to check it out here:

https://northcounty.makerfaire.com - Information on all of the Exhibitors and more!


http://www.agsem.com Antique Gas & Steam Engine Museum, which is where the actual Maker Faire will be held. This place is REALLY cool; they've got a bunch of old steam, diesel, and gasoline engines that they fire up for the show, along with a bunch of tractors, from John Deere tractors that lumber along and are loud, to 2 story tractors that are steam powered and you FEEL them before you hear them, from the heat of the boiler or the rumble, but they're SO quiet. :) There are also some weaving looms that are over 100 years old (and still in use!), a blacksmith shop, and a model railroad area on the premises that has some really nice detail. :)

If you want something to do with Dad this weekend, and you're in the area, it really is a fun thing to see, and I guarantee EVERYONE will enjoy it, whether you're just a "fur father" to cats and dogs, a single mom wearing a "dad" hat for your kids, a grandfather, WHATEVER - come out and check it out!


Knower of useless information
Just thought I'd share what happened on Father's Day weekend a few weeks ago; our club was out at the Mini Maker's Faire in Vista, CA, and we had a great time!

It was absolutely amazing at the people who came over, from the kids wanting to launch their FT chuck gliders to the "kids at heart" helping launch air powered rockets, to the 3D demos and drone "rides" that the kids and their parents got to experience. :)

Everyone who was there had a great time, even if the numbers were a little low, but every single one of our club members, myself included, had a GREAT time. :)

Here's our video (I'm the fat, bald guy who's helping kids build the gliders):