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Like another poster from another thread, I used to fly a glow plane. I had to get out because of the cost. I did a search one day to see about converting my FlightStar 40 to electric and found the FT video on the P47 conversion. Accourding to my wife it went down hill from there. I a little over 8 months I am up to 9 swapables with four power pods from the Blue Wonder up to the Beef. I am know by the guys where I fly as "that home built guy". Here are just a few of my builds.
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It is only up hill until a successful flight then it is still up hill but not as steep. Will you reach the top probably not as there will always be just one more thing you HAVE to do.

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Holy cow, those planes look phenomenal! I'm especially fond of the way your Mustang turned out and the way you incorporated the closed nose concept on your Spit.


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Great looking planes. I am fairly new to the hobby. Have a couple of kits (P51 and FT3D) that I will start building soon. I live NE of Dallas in Allen, TX.


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NM4M, I look forward to seeing how your plans come out. I do highly recommend using MinWax on your planes. I painted my Nutball without minwax and it looked very bad. needless to say that was my first casualty. I have heard it said "Fly it like you stold it". I like "Fly it like you hate the paint job!" Enjoy the build and good flying.


Awesome builds! I just finished and "maidened" my first build, the FT Simple Soarer. I can't wait to build more. I would love to know where you guys fly. I live in Irving, and I just took my plane to a local park for a few throws.


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I live in Allen, but currently only have an EDF jet, that is for looks not flight, but I plan an building some scratch builds starting in October once I get parts. Funny though NM4M that some other flight test fan is in Allen.
Huge Flite Test fan here in Little Elm. I got into scratchbuilt quadcopters and tricopters about 6-8 months ago and haven't looked back! Just now getting into the foam board scratchbuilds which has really sparked my creative side while at the same time, rendering my garage useless for storing cars. Got to have some place to shred foam :D

I have only been flying planes for a couple of weeks now and cant get enough of it. I purchased a Versa wing speed build kit for my first rc plane and lasted through about 7 HARD crashes until the final one ripped it apart. Now that i have taken the leap into cutting out my own versa kits, I have already made a replacement (bellow) and I have begun make 2 more Versas to get my cousin and uncle into the air.

Looking for others in the North Texas area to fly with so hit me up if you would like to fly. Also looking for suggestions for a good field in the area to fly at.

Here is a pic of my tricopter (waiting on my custom designed 3D printed frame to be completed) and my second attempt at a scratchbuilt versa wing.




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I hear you! Facebook was the devil untill I heard about this group. These guys convinced me to join and im glad. Good gruop of guys. Join the dark side, feel the power!

Im located in far north dallas.


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I am in Arlington. Just finished 2 builds about to start a third and waiting for the weather to get a lil bit nicer

Just signed up for the FB group