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Not Quite Build


Full Circle
I have been trying to mount my electronics. After I mounted the motor, I decided to test it. I did not notice the black dust accumulating underneath until ZAP,ZAP, I see sparks.:eek: I turn off the motor and find the motor wires were rubbing on the motor and now the wires are now exposed/ stripped/metal showing. I grab some shrink wrap and try to put it on to cover the bare wires. However, in my rush, I burned the wires and melted some of the glue that came from the magnets in the motor. :mad: I then turn to electric tape and wrap my wires. And then I mount the motor back on. However, I lost one of the grub screws for the motor mount and spend fifteen minutes looking for it. That's it! I am not messing with electronics anymore today.:mad:
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I have days like that too... no matter what you do everything seems to go wrong. That is when I turn off the shop lights give my wife a kiss, and play with the dogs, nothing like puppy therapy.

Brian fred carr

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Its a funny thing... I find if i am not in the right frame of mind everything seems to go smooth
but when i am in a whirl to get some thing new off the ground then every time I put a
scewdriver/tape/spanner/glue..or anything i immediately need someone has moved it and when i
am not looking put it right under my nose again....how do they do that...lol


Full Circle
Well, it really helps when I am calm and thinking to mount electronics!:p Sort of fixed everything. Motor is a little fragile still but it should be fine I hope. Maiden flight should be tomorrow. Hopefully also my first complete controlled flight. (I am a newbie at flying):D


Full Circle
Not quite flight now

I crashed terribly. I took off and this plane was faster than I thought it would be. I turned it and it banked sharper than I expected and it plummeted to the ground despite frantic stick movements on the controller. It cannot really be fixed. Oh well.... need to build a new plane now....:p