Off to build a SR-72 Dark Star using 64mmEDF's

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After the maiden flight, I was quite surprised about the overall stability of the plane. It tracked well and took the sharp turns without loosing altitude. Left turns were a breeze and in the right turns, a touch of differential thrust was needed. The soccer field is rather small and surrounded by 100+ ft trees which made the landing approach interesting. Had to push nose down and bounce it in and it stopped about 12ft from the shack. Had to glue nose gear back on(designed to give) and to dress it up gave it a pilot's window and some stars on the rudder.
Now, need to take to the flying field and examine the stall and slow speed environment as well as top speed. Will post video.

Not bad for a $3 plane.

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This is awesome! The climb out over the fence is the cherry on top. Just knew it was going to either shoot under the fence or hit one of the posts but it took off greatly! Congratulations.