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Ok you Got me....

I have been meaning to try RC ever since I learned on control line as a kid (way too many years ago). But as with many one thing led to another & I never did.

Found a few Flite Test kits in a local store & decided to look them up & oh wow I haven't stopped reading. I never knew building with foam sheet could produce so many cool planes...that look like planes. So I am a decent builder with my share of cool tools but probably a lousy flier...which I now hope to remedy.

Bought a mini FT Scout & will try building & even maybe learning to fly on it....

Looks like a great community with some amazingly talented people. Look forward to chatting.



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Welcome. I got a control line plane for Christmas a long time ago and only got to fly it once or twice, since my Dad had to mix the fuel, hook up a car battery to fire it up, and Lord knows what else I can't remember. For me it wasn't even that much fun and I remember getting really dizzy. As I recall, it sounded awesome, though. Anyway, foam board and batteries are definitely superior in my opinion.

Unasked for advice from another newb? Make a build thread so you can get feedback and ask questions as you go along. This community is awesome and my own build threads have been indispensable as far as my learning curve goes.


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“Hi Bob”....

Yea, we all pretty much suffers of Adult Onset Hobby Disorder.
And it all started with that first kit. ;)

Late last year I got started and this year I attended my first Flite Test... If you have the opportunity to go to one, I HIGHLY recommend going!! It was an amazing experience!

Don’t be afraid to ask any questions, I’ve learned as much from someone answering my questions as from reading others.... I”ve even been able to answer a few myself now.

So, welcome!
Guys you are definitely right... just wondering through various builds.....there seem to be a lot of these plans I would love to build... forget flying them...just building them...😀