old military mig 24 target plane


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Hi im mike a while back i picked up a big solid foam target mig 24 and i want to make it fly. I would like any and all info anyone has on these things or any suggestions in general. Its got a 5 ft wingspan and has no moving surfaces.


I like 3D printers...
I'm not familiar with the Mig 24. Got any pictures?

We'll need some more info as well. Wing area would be very helpful, and so would weight.

Have you flown anything RC before?


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wow this thing sounds cool. 5ft wing span is huge. You can assemble the plane with or without glue. It's up to you. You will need to most likely cut out parts of the fuselage to add the motor, esc, battery and servos. For all the control surfaces you can just tape on foam board.
Here is a link for ideas.