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Old school models and such

Nice thing is we can take all those old gummy powered ships and give them electric propulsion AND full control or just build them as intended with trim and the grace to accept when Hung decided to take an offering.


Thanks for the link. This is only source I've seen with a kit for one of this year's Science Olympiad events. Gives us a good benchmark and a solid starting point.

On another note, I found this kit on ebay yesterday. Man, I was REALLY hoping that this one would fly under the radar. No such luck! It was $10 when I checked this morning (woo hoo) but was up to $188 this evening (dang!). This kit was made in the 1940s and still has a note discussing the substitution of other woods for balsa, since it was an important material for the war effort. Maybe one of you out there has deeper pockets than me and can enjoy it. Don't think I could bring myself to build it, but would have loved to have had it in my collection.

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Flying Derp
That P-38 is great! I wouldn't build it either. It seems more the museum artifact being unbuilt with the note about balsa as a war material.