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One more Lidl stroll around the block


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6x3 APC prop arrived today, checked the draw on 3S. 173 watts and a tad over 14 amps, spot on!!! Maiden Saturday if the weather cooperates.
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Yesterday I left with the FT Flyer and after two accident flights I had to give up
It's too windy for me, Friday at noon seems to remit a bit
Fortunately, there was no damage except the loss of two gums of the propeller protector


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Good job i was already working on the Mk2 Lidl glider conversion as the Mk1 was lost last weekend to the plane eating trees. ☹️
Mk2 have added two more lightweight servos and is a little heavier I think, but not by much. Balances nicely with a 3S 850mAh battery.
Maiden today 😃😃😃
IMG_20190622_080129445.jpg IMG_20190622_080108022.jpg IMG_20190622_080056844.jpg IMG_20190622_080051682.jpg IMG_20190622_080037854.jpg
I have started with mine, I have built the control surfaces with balsa wood




I'm still thinking about the engine, I have two br1306 4000kv that give 240gr of thrust with 2s and 5030
the idea is to mount them in the wing, they are very small, a little more than the thickness of the wing
I put it in the first photo
What is your opinion?


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I have two br1306 4000kv that give 240gr of thrust with 2s and 5030
What is your opinion?
I'm running two 1106 4500's on 3s and 3" two blade props and I'm not under powered. In fact, any more power and I'd have to do more reinforcement of body and control surfaces... with 800mah and fpv gear I'm at 245 grams auw...

Your tail controls are substantially more rigid than mine, I was going for gentle slow flier when I built it so my controls are pretty light weight...