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Only have a transmitter and reciever, and an old NAZE 32 flight controller.

Hello and hi everybody, this is Rajdeep Karmakar from Kolkata, India. I was introduced to this hobby by FliteTest of course. I am watching their videos for about 4 years now and learn't a lot from them, I also want to make online YouTube videos to share and educate people about this hobby, there is a small but great community here in India, but it is hard to get into the hobby due to its expensive nature, especially in India.

I tried to get into the hobby, first by buying a transmitter, though not a mainstream one, like Spektrum or Frsky, but it works... you can watch the video I made about it, and also what I feel about this hobby here in this video.
I also tried to make a Bloody Wonder, but not with foamboard, because it is not easily available here in Kolkata, and also failed at it miserably, you can also watch that experience here.

It would be great to learn to fly a quad, but it is almost impossible for me to get started to fly an expensive quad after I have failed at my first airplane.

I am not asking for a whole kit of quad, camera, video transmitter, video receiver.... but it would be great to get just a quad even without any receiver, flight controller, camera, video transmitter and battery, I can aquire a battery, and already have the filght controller, and will use my own transmitter with its reciever. I just want to get started in the hobby. If it is possible, then please try to help me, I will always be grateful to you guys.

Thank you, and I wish you guys a very good luck with this initiative and hope many people get this help, so that they can get into this hobby.