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OpenTX 2.2 Audio Sounds & Announcements Documentation


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I've started getting low memory errors on my XD9+ with only around 40 or 45 models loaded, so I think I need to make the individual model configs smaller. So I'm in the process of transforming a bunch of special function 'Play Track' lines into named sound files in a model directory.

On the first one I'm working with, I have the physical switch sounds working just fine naming them things like SD-down.wav and SD-up.wav

But I haven't been able to get logical switch sounds to work. L1-up.wav and L20-up.wav and L3-up.wav all stay silent. And I tried setting the special function to a haptic burst to confirm the logical switch is firing correctly.

Any ideas what I might be doing wrong here?

As far as the memory size fun, I've removed an average of 5 special function lines from about 8 or so models and drove down the OTX size from 29kb to 26kb. And it's no longer throwing that angry error message, so I'll keep going :)

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Thank you!! I'll try that out tonight!

The more I implement model specific sounds, the more I'm liking it.

On the down side, I can't go to the Special Functions tab on the radio to see all the switch functions (since I program sounds for every function).

But on the upside, setting up a new model is going to get a whole lot easier! Just copy the files into a new folder on the SD card, and skip all the sound setups in the Special Functions tab :)

And I'm feeling inspired to record the model names into sound files too :)
You can use the sd card screen,
browse to the sounds model folder
select a sound
lond press enter
press play

to review the sounds...
Now that you've run into memory limitations what would you say in the realistic number of models on the Taranis series?


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When I ran into memory warnings I think I had 42 or 43 models of medium complexity (each had a couple logical switches and special functions, and probably an average of 6 mix lines).

I'm back down to 38 models now (cleared up the memory issue by removing models from my X9D+ I primarily use on my QX7) and I have been converting between 4 and 6 special functions play track commands from each to named audio files to compress the in-memory needs.

When I next bump into the memory limit I'll be sure to let folks know.
Have you thought of using the backup, delete and restore option?
Backup less frequently used models to the sd card and delete from memory.


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I do almost all of my configurations via Companion, and save everything to disk before writing to the radio.

And yeah, that's probably what I'll end up getting to eventually - having an "indoor flyers" file and an "outdoor flyers" file, and then loading which ever file based on where I'm heading for the day. I already have my quads moved over to my QX7 so it's a little like that.

Hmm.... actually, maybe this would be a better split for me. Load everything for indoor flying including TinyWhoops on the QX7 and then all the outdoor stuff including race quads & tricopters into the X9D+

Yeah... I like the sound of that.

And maybe when the new Taranis Xlite comes out it'll get the TinyWhoops and leave the other indoor stuff on the QX7. Just cause that would make for a very small 'go bag' for TinyWhoopin' :)
Regarding memory issues on Taranis X9D(+), I loaded OpenTX 2.2.1 as well as the Betaflight lua scripts, and have some out-of-memory errors when using the BF lua-based telemetry screens. Similar results are supported on the betaflight github:
... but in the end they seem to think the root issue is small memory available on X9D(+) and recent OpenTx builds getting larger. They reference an OpenTX bug listing (which I haven't read through) and suggest that it should be resolved in a January OpenTX release (post-2.2.1), at least for the purpose of freeing enough memory for the BF lua scripts. Other users, meanwhile, report that OpenTX 2.2.0 works better than 2.2.1, for now.

Not sure that model-memory issues are entirely the same, but FWIW I have ~20 models, OpenTX 2.2.1, and the BF lua scripts, and I was seeing the memory warnings/errors while running the scripts. Hope it might help.