taranis q x7

  1. thedroneracingpilot

    Help! I can't bind Eachine QX 65 with Taranis Q X7

    Hi, I just bought an eachine QX65 but I can't bind it to my controller. This is the information: Radio control: FrSky ACCST Taranis Q X7 international version Tinywhoop: Eachine QX65 Frsky reciever What I have tried so far is to unchecked the eu checkbox in order to get the D8 mode available...
  2. J

    Need Help! - Major struggle with Frsky Radio and Receiver connections

    So I know how annoying the Frsky binding process can be. I got into the hobby around 2 years ago and waded through it without much outside help. Recently though i got some friends into the hobby and i have been helping them so they don't have to go through some of the challenging parts on their...
  3. L

    Battery Issue/Question about Taranis Q X7S

    Hello! I just got the Tinyhawk 2 drone and binded it to a taranis x7s q. I am a newbie and have been doing my first flights, but see that my controller goes from 8v to 6v in less than ten minutes. Is that usual or am I doing something wrong? Tips about charging? I also attached photos of the...
  4. J

    1handed need help

    Ive been into fpv for 2 years now but recently had an accident where my right hand thumb had to get amputated. My right hand is non-functinal. Ive looked all over for a solution so i can fly my quadcopters with 1hand. I saw a post where someone used a joystick and modified thrir transmitter. I...
  5. Bando FPV

    FLITE TEST Taranis Splash Screen, Sound Pack, and Betaflight OSD Logo!!!

    Hey Flite Test enthusiasts! For all Taranis X9D AND Q X7 fans out there that want a little Flite Test touch to their radio, you're in luck! I created a Flite Test Splash Screen that will be shown everytime you boot up your transmitter! Here is the file for the Taranis X9D & X9D+ Splash...
  6. RCdiy

    SxR Setup (S6R, S8R)

    The SxR (S6R & S8R) receivers provide stabilization, level, knife edge and hover flight modes. Setup instructions and tips for the SxR have been gathered from a number of different sources and put in a blog post. Check out the blog post and video. https://youtu.be/XIe9nsuOJtU...
  7. RCdiy

    OpenTX D16 Bind Options

    In RF D16 mode 16 channels are transmitted if the channel range is set to 1-16. The bind option determines if the servo pins are mapped to the first 8 channels or the second 8 channels. Further it also determines if telemetry from the receiver is turned on or off. This is useful when using two...
  8. RCdiy

    Quad Race Start Sequence – GoRace OpenTX Lua Script

    This script mimics the start sequence for quad racing. Pilots get their quads ready on the start line. They then return to their seats and get ready to race. The race official tells them to arm their quads and then after a random delay sounds a start buzzer. To use the script: The pilot...
  9. RCdiy

    OpenTX Manual

    I have published an OpenTX Manual with help from the developers and community members. The manual is accessible by going to RCdiy.ca and clicking the OpenTX Manual link on the top menu bar. http://rcdiy.ca There are a number of ways to use this manual using the OpenTX Manual links on the right...
  10. RCdiy

    OpenTX Head Speed

    I have published two new videos and documentation on setting up OpenTX to display Head Speed. Head Speed By Configuring An OpenTX RPM Sensor http://rcdiy.ca/heli-head-speed-sensor/ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hdnJ-Ml94w0&feature=youtu.be Head Speed Using A Lua Script...
  11. RCdiy

    Taranis Q X7 OpenTX FrSKY RPM Sensor

    I have published a new video and documentation on setting up the FrSKY RPM sensor in OpenTX. This is a precursor to the video on a lua script that calculates head speed. The script has been contributed by Attitude RC. Blog Post http://rcdiy.ca/frsky-rpm-sensor/ Video https://youtu.be/A3AlY6spy_Y
  12. RCdiy

    OpenTX 2.2 Audio Sounds & Announcements Documentation

    A new playlist consisting of 6 videos has been published. These videos accompany documentation written and updated by me in a blog post and the official OpenTX GitBooks manual. Blog Post http://rcdiy.ca/opentx-sounds-announcements/ Documentation...
  13. RCdiy

    Taranis OpenTX S.Port Firmware Flashing Guide

    Instructions http://rcdiy.ca/taranis-opentx-s-port-firmware-flashing/
  14. RCdiy

    OpenTX 2.2 Released Taranis Q X7 Quick Start Guide

    OpenTX 2.2 has been released! I’ve produced a blog post and video that goes over - Installing the microSD Card - Connecting the Tx & Computer - Downloading, installing & Configuring Companion - Backing Up The Tx - Downloading & Writing OpenTX To The Tx - Downloading & Copying The SD Card...
  15. RCdiy

    Taranis Q X7 NiMH Charging Kit (Aloft Hobbies)

    Aloft Hobbies has a NiMH Charging Kit for the Taranis Q X7. I’ve installed in mine and have documented the steps in a blog post and video. http://rcdiy.ca/taranis-q-x7-nimh-charging-kit-aloft-hobbies/ https://youtu.be/P8JQkIlSbhs Check out the blog post and video. Stay Safe & Have Fun
  16. RCdiy

    GPS Distance Trip Find Return Home Lua Script

    http://rcdiy.ca/gps-directions-home/ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Cb7SlKAHbFU This GPS script was published last year. A viewer requested that the script be updated to use an optional second GPS sensors. One on the aircraft and another in the transmitter. This allows a pilot who does cross...
  17. RCdiy

    Taranis Q X7 OpenTX Two GPS Sensors Together

    http://rcdiy.ca/taranis-two-gps-sensors/ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U4EcBQh_mzE OpenTX allows the use of two GPS sensors. So by adding a GPS to the transmitter’s module bay one can track both the pilot’s and the model’s position. This video and post will be followed by videos and post on...