OpenTX / Taranis Dual rates


Hi there. Not new to RC, but new to fixed wings.

I have a Taranis Plus and would like to program dual rates for my FT Tiny Trainer. I would like to have them on a switch say Switch C up for high rates, Switch C middle for midle rate, and Switch C down for low rates.

Where do I set this up in Open TX? I was going to set these up on the rates tab just after the tab where you name your model.

Does anyone have a better way how to do this?


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I set mine up on the INPUTS page

For each input you create a new line

say ...
Select I-AIL
Long Press the ENT key to get the edit menu
Select Insert After.... You will get a copy of the I-AIL line
Then edit those two pages to set the rate (weight) and expo (+ve numbers = dull the center) and switch position (you can use the actual switch to set this when you edit the field) you want for the two different settings. Or make 3 since you have a 3 position switch.


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Open-TXU to the rescue :)

The "big" problem with this is that you can do all kinds of methods to achieve this with OpenTX. Doing it on the input channels is the easy way, but has one "disadvantage": You are decreasing the input for all other possible mixes too.

If you for example want to set up a plane with differential thrust, you don't want to limit the input channel, but use mixers to have different weighted outputs for the two thrust channels and the rudder channel.


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Is it a "big" problem? I see it as more that there are convenient ways to do the simple things and more generalized ways to do more complex things. Setting up rates and expo through the mix may be generalized but it is more obscure. That is why the INPUT defaults to using the EXPO curve and the MIX defaults to using the DIFF curve. Why worry about mixes on a simple model?

Besides in the case of differential thrust I suspect you would want the rudder rates and expo to apply separately from the motor thrust value and override it. I have to admit I haven't tried to set that up. Also as I understand it, if you want the raw Rud value you use plain Rud and if you want the modified input value you use I-Rud so there is probably a way to get the value you want wherever you need it.

I'll have to watch the video you referenced to see if I'm missing something. Thanks for pointing it out. Nice to be challenged a bit to prompt some investigation ;)


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I watched the video and it's the Painless360 one and I've seen before. The trouble with those is that he's pretty much learning the Taranis as he goes along so he doesn't set thing up in the most practical way or show you the shortcuts you can use to edit the settings. The videos are free to watch, well produced and clear so that's fine but they kind of leave out how best to set things up which, imo, is what you want as a beginner.

Typically you would want the lowest rate on the up position because that is the "safest" and it's the default power on switch check position.

So for example to set AIL rates in switch A

Edit the existing AIL line on the INPUT page first set the lowest rate weight to, say 60, and edit the switch to the UP position SA^

Long press MENU to see the DISPLAY view to test your change with the SA^. If you move the AIL stick you will see it only goes from -60 to +60. Press EXIT to return to the edit screen.

Then EXIT to the INPUT page and the copy the AIL line.
EDIT the copy and set the next highest rate weight to, say 80 and set the switch in middle position SA-

Long press MENU to see the DISPLAY view to test your changes with SA^ and SA-. Notice what happens if you put SA in the down position SAv.

The problem is that the two AIL inputs are tied to the SA^ and SA- so they don't act if the switch is not in one of those positions. nothing is assigned to the down switch position, SAv so if you accidentally switch to it you'll get some default which is probably not what you expect. In fact you get no control on the AIL stick at all which is very bad and definitely not what you want. A beginner will almost certainly crash.

Press EXIT to return to the edit screen.

To fix that you could add a third AIL rate line and associate it with the switch down position SAv.

But if you don't want that you can use "NOT switch A up" !SA^ instead of middle position SA-

When you edit the switch press use the + or - to select the switch setting SA^. The press + and - together to make it !SA^ Now the rate 80 will be the case for both the middle and the down position of SA and you won't crash ... well you might be not because you mysteriously lost all control on the AIL stick when you changed rates.

Would be easier to show in a video ;)