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Winter is coming
Gee whiz! I like to fly my Calypso because it's so un-complicated! I cant fathom adding a bunch of functions to mine! It flies perfectly right from the box with the exception of changing out the ESC for a Castel 25 with a programmable brake. The stocker would not truly stop the prop so it allowed too much drag in glide.

Ha, I agree, it flew great before I added all the extra stuff. Heck, when I first flew it, it had all the extra modes with crow, etc, setup, but I didn't even use it. I just flew it with aileron, elevator and rudder. And loved it, but found myself also with a great exercise routine walking up to 1 mile total with flying for several hours at the field with multiple landings where I had to walk about 100-200 ft (more if you count walking back to my desired launch location) to retrieve the plane after landing it a good distance from where I started.

I got the Calypso to basically serve as a learning tool to gain more experience with sailplanes without the huge investment needed in the bigger high performance ones. As a result, it's actually a bit of a pig now, as I have extra electronics stuffed into it (vario & volt/current sensor) with extra servos for the flaps. Others at the field talk about removing the plastic JR servo housings to shave weight, and just using liquid tape, while I hot glue my servo extensions together to keep them secure.

My UMX Radian and the Whippit are the sailplanes I use for relaxing flights, that I keep simple -- although the Whippit also has a launch mode where there's a few degrees of down elevator programmed in.

I actually picked the Calypso over the Radian for this purpose... To have the independent ailerons and flaps. Heck, I even programmed in aileron differential to experiment with it as no other plane I have ever flown has used differential before, so I wanted to see what the difference was.

Basically, the Calypso is my sailplane trainer, and I think it's great that I can basically pretend to be like the "big boys" with my smaller foamie.

I honestly don't see myself getting into the bigger planes, as my hangar is limited in size to a 1100 sq.ft apartment, and the Calypso, even when broken down is just too big to stow away. Sure those 6M wings break down smaller with 4 piece sections, but I take enough time as it is setting up my Calypso at the field!