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Operation Chicken Little - an ill fated mission...


I am just back from today's mission and am feeling pretty worn out and disheveld at the moment. I know some of you have been anxiously awaiting news on today's raid. I just wanted to take a brief moment to give you the good news. Everyone survived the mission. All two bombers made it to the target but only one managed to drop its ordinance. Now for the bad news... One plane is damaged and currently inoperable. Crews will soon begin repairs and I am told by maintenance that it can be made flyable within a day or two at the outside.

If you are stumbling upon this thread and are worried that you don't know who is at odds and why, I refer you to this thread: http://flitetest.com/forum/showthread.php?1595-Super-Cub-Tube-O-Fun-bomb-drop-mod

The target is now aware of our intentions and is on high alert. Raids will now be more difficult and more dangerous. The target is well armed with a sizeable battery of soccer ball AA weapons. We no longer have the element of surprise on our side. But we will NOT waiver in our mission. Our goal is clear and we are determined to see it to an end.

Over the next day, intelligence will be compiling the video and photographic records of today's attack. This department is comprised of highly motivated and industrious individuals (me) and will soon have preliminary photos to share. Please stand by....


Full Circle
Ha, ha "Soccer ball Anti-Aircraft weapons"! I love your narratives!
Too bad it did not work out. Maybe you can also put the bomb drop on a glider and do the same trick that teacher does to you - sneak up from behind with motor off and then, a little variation, hit the throttle and bombs away! It might work. :D


Super Cub pre and post mission


These pictures have just been declassified and cleared for press release.

The first photo shows the Super Cub with a full wing loadout just prior to adding the incindiery muntitions to the drop tube.

The second photo shows the damaged sustained upon crash landing at home base after the mission.

More details of the mission will follow, but the maintenance crew (me) needs to focus on repairs.


My recommendation - disproportionate response.
You need to hit them with an overwhelming show of force. Two to three waves of attacks. Get them distracted from one direction then come in fast from the other direction. Possibly include a multicopter or two as decoys. As an added insurance factor hit with the high altitude strike as well. This has to be a highly coordinated. You need to recruit some r/c brethren to supplement your strike capabilities.

Maybe some aerial footage of the mission as well.

Keep the updates coming...
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The full mission debriefing will discuss the planned mission, which was to incorporate many of the suggestions you offer. However, a combination of youthful enthusiasm and maintenance issues led to a breakdown in the coordination of the mission.
Ok. You have not lost the element of surprise. What you need to next is take off and fly from the ceiling of your school. Strike from above and control the high ground. You will also need a diversion an example would be youngsters armed with water pistols. Then launch you attack from above. Always reneber those who control the skies control he ground war. You can make this happen Lieutenant!! :black_eyed: Cant wait to hear more from this After Action Review AAR


Raw video footage and commentary is being processed and will be uploaded shortly.

The Cub is repaired and took to the skies again this afternoon. No bombing mission, just a fantastic airplane flying in the skies of a beautiful afternoon.