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FF23 ☆Classified Mission☆ DRT


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To be exact when training for the raid they did indeed mark the available Hornet deck space on a runway to find out what was possible so it would be 'scale' to it


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Okay, I live in Colorado, but I swear I wasn't smoke'n the Devil's Lettuce when I calculated the length of Hornet! It ought to have been 34', not 11'. I corrected that in the lead message, though I made it 32' feet, for the simple fact that plywood and foam sheets are 8' and it would be easiest to simply use four sheets end to end to represent a carrier. Or, as someone had already suggested, painting lines on a runway, and adding a nice towering island above that.

That's what I was thinking. then the the deck will be 4' wide, and it woud lt would be easy to make a 16" side board.
Wahoo!!! Okay, gonna get me one!

Edit: Or... maybe not anytime soon. Adding up the cost, with two batteries and shipping comes to $272-$321, depending on which motors and batteries. I had to scrape to buy my Mini Guinea and power pack. o_O Gonna be awhile until I can save up that much.
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Um they didn't use the whole deck for takeoff, had to put the planes somewhere and they didn't fit the elevators or hangar deck. Doolittle was concerned half didnt have enough deck to accelerate to speed so they gutted everything that wasn't absolutely required and loaded a smaller bomb load. Doolittle was also concerned the carrier would get spotted with bombers on it. Good read about problem solving
Speaking of problem solving, I think I have a Carrier idea. During my last crashing flying session, there was a guy in the parking lot with a long flatbed trailer... Kinda like this one:

A flatbed would make a lovely carrier, especially if anyone has one we can borrow? Just dress it up a bit, add on the island, maybe some foam or cardboard sides to make it look more the part.

What yah think?
I plan to build the flite test b-25 if they release the plans to ftca members.
I'm pretty sure that they will, though I don't know when.

I recently downloaded Vincent Unrau B-25 plans. My son also gave me some Styrofoam to experiment on with a hotwire. I just need to pick something. 😆


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The one in the picture is probably scale. Make em take off towards the front, the step rips off the landing gear if it isn't flying by then. I like it.