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OSD/GPS with home arrow WITHOUT a flight computer?

Hey all, I just want to fly around manually with a pretty long range. That means I'll need some indicator for which way "home" is. I don't really want to go through all the hassle of learning/wiring/configuring a flight computer, is there a way to accomplish OSD/GPS for FPV without a FC?


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What are you flying, a fixed wing, quad or flying wing? You need a GPS receiver, barometer and a compass to get any data that is useable for flying.
There might be a stand-alone system that does just the compass etc on an OSD but a “simple” wing controller like the Matek F405 is fairly cheap.
Remember that flying beyond visual line of sight is illegal in many countries, as is flying above around 400ft, so check your local laws before investing.
Flying a few sail planes, Radian XL, Volantex Ranger2000, etc...

I'm hoping to get something that basically goes inbetween my camera and my VTX, I just don't know if that's possible without a FC.


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There were OSD modules a few years back, there’s a couple of threads about them. You don’t have to use the flying part of the FC, a cheap F4 with barometer and a separate GPS and compass would probably give you the information.
Here’s a recent thread on modules, there may be some around second hand.


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IT was a Tarot TL300 OSD module iirc but the irony of it all was it would often prove to be far more complicated and difficult to setup than a dam flight controller, and more expensive hence why you cannot buy them anymore. I hated mine.

My advice would be the same, stick a Matek F405 Wing in it with iNav on, it really isn't that difficult to setup iNav now and you'll be glad the day your batteries in your tx run out and the plane comes back and lands at your feet (not quiet but close enough) rather than it sailing off into the nearest sea like someone's Wot4 did the other day that I saw on Facebook.

Even though we are not allowed to fly out of line of sight in the UK, any of my models worth anything more than a score (£20) have flight controllers with GPS in, the old farts at the club scorned and scoffed at me for not being a pure flyer (they did not understand you can turn the stabilisers off) right up until the point one day my tx packed up and it came home across the field and landed all by itself undamaged instead of turning itself into a lawn dart or confetti.


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ImmersionRC EZOSD, and DALRC QOSD come to mind. I have one of the QOSD units, and it is basically just a MinimOSD with GPS but with a Mag and Accelerometer that usually can't be used with a minimOSD. This is the second time this has come up in the last few weeks. I should do a quick proof of concept with a minimOSD ($8) and GPS ($14), and also throw my QOSD in my basher Nano Skyhunter for comparison.

My Teksumo has a Tarot TL300 OSD on it. Easy to just plug in camera, vtx, gps(comes with), and power. Needs a wide voltage camera, blew a 5v camera. Here is my maiden video:


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There’s also this new unit from Zohd that might do the GPS functions you want without a FC.

Then you can use a pass through on the video to a super cheap FC with OSD and add the battery level etc.
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I saw that earlier, might buy one, you could power the camera direct from the lipo (most Runcams allow that) and use the cameras internal osd for voltage, flight time etc. That's what I have on one of my little aircraft.