Really, no, REALLY good OSD


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I've been flying fixed wing for decades, and dabbled in do-it-yourself FPV waaaaay back when the gear wasn't really designed for RC applications and was just generally absolutely abysmal (circa 2003). I just recently purchased my first quad and the modern FPV capabilities therein got me interested in giving it another go on some of my fixed wing craft. I ordered an AR Wing 900mm to take the bumps and bruises associated with learning, as I don't want to sacrifice any of my balsa (mostly scratch built and kits) to the garbage bag gods.

So, I've been doing lots of research, and I've been a bit dismayed by the visual quality of many of the options that are out there. I think I've settled on an Eagle Tree MicroVector based system. I don't intend to use the autonomous/assisted modes (yet), just the sensor and OSD functionality for now. What I like about it (in order of importance) are: 1. It doesn't appear to use character based graphics, rather it is vector graphics based. 2. It seems very responsive and accurate in flight footage that I've seen. 3. It provides military HUD style displays such as labeled attitude ladder, altitude and ground/airspeed ribbon readouts. 4. When the optional GPS receiver is present, it provides way-finding aids such as "radar mode", direction/distance to home indicators, etc. that make sense.

So, my question is this... Is there anything else on the market competitive with the Eagle Tree product that deserves a look based on my ranked criteria above?


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The Eagle Tree stuff is definitely the prettiest, but I've never played with it due to the price. For much less $$ you can run an Omnibus FC and iNav and get all the functionality, though it won't be as aesthetically pleasing.