1. f-35lover

    What beginner plane?

    Hi, I'm a beginner who hasn't even started flying. I now am deciding on what plane to fly first. I want to use the power pack c for my planes, any suggestions on what first plane to use? and do you recommend flying an edf jet as a second plane? right now I want to fly the p-40 as a first plane...
  2. bwarz

    Plane MS Style Curtiss P36 V2

    I have finally uploaded the plans for my Curtiss P36 - the predecessor to the P40. The design has become quite a detailed design and build, with a few loose ends that were not wrapped up in my second build. I built my second build from the plans with the clear canopy. The 'not wrapped up' is...
  3. S

    Help! P-40 with power pack b?

    Hey everyone, About a year ago I built a simple cub and I've gotten to the point where I can fly a full battery without breaking anything lol. I want to move on to the P-40 but I was hoping to be able to use the power pack I already have. Has anyone flown the P-40 on the B pack? It seems to...
  4. Corsair RC

    MS Style P-40 design V.1

    I'm designing a master series style P-40. I made a spinner how John oversteet did with Styrofoam, here's the video of how he does it.
  5. Incader

    New FT P-40

    Hey @SP0NZ There is a new plane out, the p-40. ;) And I was wondering if there was a 3D printable spinner for it?;)
  6. P-40 Warhawk

    P-40 Warhawk

    This was my first speed wing plane, and slippery it was. Nearly frictionless flight compared to what I had flown before
  7. Salmonslaya

    FT P-40

  8. Winglet

    My new P-40

    My new P-40 occupies memory position number 50 on my Spekturm transmitter. Do I actually have 50 models ready to fly? Yes, I really do! And the vast majority of these models are FT or at least foam board designs. I know, that is borderline insane. But it is what I enjoy and have for over 50...
  9. flitetest

    Plane FT P-40 Warhawk 1.0

    FT P-40 Warhawk Designed By: Andres Lu Plans By: Dan Sponholz Description: The FT P40 is a Flite Test take on a classic design. Simple build techniques allow this plane to be folded together in hours and result in a flight experience that an intermediate to advanced pilot will enjoy. Add the...
  10. CatholicFlyer

    Back Before Being Ill, Dream Of Being A Pilot

    Back when I had perfect eye sight, I think it was around the time the movie Pearl Harbor came out and saw those two P-40s come to the rescue, tracked down a few of them, but boy they be expensive then, and even more so now, like a Million bucks today. That is where RC entered, when my dad and I...
  11. captron360

    P-40C Tomahawk 4 stroke magnum xl motor

    I have a P-40 Tomahawk that I purchased but never flew it. I was told that it has never been flown. It was built by a very good builder and it looks great. I purchased it with the hopes that some day I would be able to fly it. I am staying with electrics and have no interest in gas or glow.
  12. smithhayward

    FMS P-40B Warhawk 980mm Owner's Thread

    Hey Everyone, I searched the warbirds forum section for P-40 and got zip, zero, zilch so I figured I'd create one in the hopes that others might pick one of these up or for the future so someone else can find a member with the same plane. I picked up the FMS P-40B Warhawk 980mm ARF (w/o ESC)...
  13. 808aerosquadron

    Swappable P-40 Warhawk / Kittyhawk MkIA

    After seeing the Flitetest Swappable Spitfire, and the Swappable Bf 109E and P-51D by Ultramicrobe, I wondered whether you could make a Swappable P-40. Having some foam board on hand, I thought I would give it a try. The Curtiss P-40 Warhawk (Tomahawk and Kittyhawk in RAF nomenclature) was...