Painting Foam Board


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minwax treatment

Hello I know this is and old video about minwax. But I was wondering if the spray type would be good enough or would I have to go with the brush method?


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The spray type melts the foam. You definitely want to use the brush method.


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I have having some difficulty with the painting process mainly in masking where the paint seeps under the tape area or pulls paint off when removed. I hate that.. Recently when I went to DT In the medical section I found Assured Paper Tape, It a buck as you know. I tried this as a masking tape as it is not so sticky and my acrylic paint did not bleed under. Also found that it to be a good reinforcement for failed hinge cuts but needs to ironed down with low heat trim iron. Still evaluating this just wondering if anyone else has looked into this or tied it? When you think you have some going for you think again. Been there many of times.