Painting Question

James Powell

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Getting ready to build the P-40 and I have a paint question. I will not be using landing gear and therefore will be belly landing. The plane will be made from DTFB. I have seen forum posts stating that people are putting minwax/acrylic sealer on the DTFB before painting. Has anyone used this after painting to protect the paint job? Any success? What else can be used to protect the paint job?


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I've tried both before and after and I've found a few different successes. By far the easiest is just hitting it with two coats of clear-coat (I use valspar). But I have had good luck with ezdope sponged over paint. It'll give a mat finish but still looks good if you dilute it right. One thing I plan on trying with my Guinea Pig MK3 is fiberglass resin. I don't have any results yet but I'll post it once I test a piece.


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When I minwaxed my Mustang I noticed a yellow tinge over the white areas. She was decked out as Miss America, It doesn't show much in pictures, but I saw it... so a slight color shift might occur if you minwax after.

I was going to try just a clear coat once I get my Storch all painted up... (which I should go do rather than hanging out here, HUH?!) :LOL: