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Painting rules and suggestions

Good job @mayan , that looks really good. Did you use templates for the painting? I freehanded mine so far, but haven’t decide whether or not to use templates for the next color, I think I’m just going to freehand it though.
Ok that’s what I thought, thanks (maybe if I had payed attention to the photos in your SpiTTT thread I would have noticed). I have done that as well with my ft pizza box wing (built from foamboard, using the same colors as on the p-40).
Are you trying to make things harder on me @Grifflyer ?;) I would be to tempted to build a scaleish interior which would add weight and time spent working on it. I did a clear canopy on my @nerdnic sonic p-39, (I also added half a lego man) and it just doesn’t look right without the scale interior. Thank you though for the thought! I think what I will do is sand it to be lighter blue, making look a little more realistic, then maybe even add a little silhouette of a person inside, what am I thinking? I am gonna have to make that clear canopy and scale interior now:devilish:;).


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Just a little note!
If you want the colours of your plane to really "POP" then use a light colour undercoat, (preferably white), first and when dry apply the finish colours. Most paints do reflect some of the colour underneath and so change to a darker shade if the material underneath is not bright!

Have fun!


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had 2 very fun flights. this thing was not stupid fast, but pretty close. i think a few mods to the electronics setup and it would be silly stupid. fast.

regrettably on the 2nd flight i was coming in to do a low pass from the south. the sun of course was in the souther sky, i somehow lost orientation and put it in short of the field. funny thing was i was just thinking to myself, "wow, this thing gets small quick. i'd hate to lose orientation." :sneaky:

it was a bit of a comedy of errors. it's been a long time since i have lost a plane due to not knowing where it was.

anyways, the wing is fine and i will be able to strip the fuselage and just rebuild it. this thing was too much fun not to.


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if you like small, quick planes this thing is for you. it flew awesome, can't believe i tanked it. it was a rough day @ the field, i think the total was 7 planes down. very atypical.

oh well, no sense being grumpy. built it once can build it again.

good luck on yours.


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