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Painting tips


Newbie here. Daughter and I now have matching Chuck Glider's -- thankfully papa's flies father or I would never hear the end of it!

But, we don't want matching anymore -- she wants to paint hers. I've read through lots of posts via the search feature -- maybe too many posts and I want to make sure I have it right.

If using the white Dollar Tree Foam Board (DTFB) we need to miniwax the paper and exposed foam before using Rust-Oleum? That's the recommended method, right? Yes there are other ways if I had various other bits of equipment or could source paint other than at Home Depot, but I don't and just want the simplest way of getting it done tomorrow.

Is gluing the edges of the foam just for durability or does it help with the adhering of the paint?

If and when we get the brown waterproof foam board quick-build kits from flite-test we would not need to use the miniwax, just rough up the surface with Scotchbrite pads. Still use Rust-Oleum, correct?



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You do not have to use Minwax, although it does make the plane slightly tougher and waterproof. If you're flying chuck gliders, don't bother to minwax. Just spray the paint right on. Most spray paint will work, although some may want to lift and bubble the paper and possibly dissolve or deform the foam itself. Just test it on a scrap peice of foam first. Put it down in light coats, if you get it on too heavy all at once that will want to bubble and wrinkle your paper. Have fun!

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I agree with @wacoflyer, be sure to test the paint on a scrap piece of foam.
With rattle can spray paints, the trick is to hold the can 12-18 inches away. This gives time for the propellant to evaporate.
Oops @Merv - you got the @user wrong lol - it’s @whackflyer 😂. I second this and @whackflyer posts. I just got done with an upscale ft bravo with dtfb, and painted it with spray paint without Minwax or anything. I sprayed too long in some places, so it’s a little bubbly but I’ll get better with practice. Good luck and have fun, maybe post some pics when they are done😉 Welcome to the forums btw!