pan and tilt centering


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Ok so here's the plan i bought the thrifty mobius pan and tilt a while back and want to set it up on my tricopter but want to do it in a way that i can fly up lets say 100meters and then using my 9x adjust the knobs at the top to pan and tilt but then when flying again want to be able to flick a switch to center the camera again so i don't get disorentated :(
any help would be appreciated :D
and its a stock 9x with v2 software


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I dont remember the stock firmware very well, all I know is that it was severely limited. You'd need a mix that overrides the pan and tilt channels to a fixed value (presumably around 0). Whether or not you can do that with the stock firmware, I dont know, but I wouldnt bet on it. Im actually surprised you got it to work with a tricopter at all, I remember finding it next to impossible to just use the three way switch for the various flight modes.