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Parachute for quadcopter: video showing it working


Junior Member
Hi folks, how are you? Since I had some problems with quadcopter (propeller broken or not tied enough ....) I created a parachute for my quadcopter, so in case of a failure, I can press a button in my transmitter that will release the parachute.

I'm thinking in using it also with failsafe, in that way, the paracchute will open if I lose signal.

Here's my first test:


I've tried a new positioning for the parachute, this time it's located on the frame

I have tested in my "wind tunnel" (hheheh) and it seems that's going to work in field


New test!

This time the parachute is on the hquad
I've done a slow motion of the parachute opening and I've also put an onboard camera
Check it out:


More tests to come! ;)


Junior Member
There's this problem of the minimum height but it can be reduced used some mechanism to launch the parachute (CO2, spring ... for example) ;)