Parkzone f27Q Stryker


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I have been flying my Q for almost 2 years now. But its pretty battered and I wanted to buy another one but sadly found out they have been discontinued. I would buy parts because they seem to be available but they seem to be going too.

Has anyone found a good alternative to this plane?

Something still fast but controllable?


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Try Nerdnic's nnMig-3. That, with the Tacon motor and a 10x10APC prop on 4s will get you 100+mph.

Here's the link:

Might have to look into building that one as-well.

I am mainly looking for a flying wing right now because I seem to be low on flying wings in my garage.

I have found this one but it doesn't have rudder control... And its quite a bit smaller...


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NEW Stryker F27Q Still Around

I saw your thread regarding the fact that Stryker F27Qs don't seem to be around anymore.

Just wanted to let you all know that I will be putting a brand new Stryker F27Q up for sale on auction this August 11, 2016.

I had purchased it from an individual who FLEW IT ONLY ONE (1) TIME, and now I would like to sell it.

Please pass the word if you know of anyone that is interested.


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I had the same issue with the B model stryker. You could try the Sky fun from hobbyking, it is quick but not quite as stable but for all the delta fun, it does the job. Just buy the kit and transfer all your parts over. The major difference is that the q model stryker has rudders, but with some tape, knife and ruler I'm sure you could cut these in.
I also replaced the stock elevons as I didn't like the tape they had.