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Phantom 4 Is Here


Gravity Tester
It's here, the DJI Phantom 4. Sporting some intelligent obstacle avoidance and a big battery, it looks quite a bit different from previous models. From what I can see there is only one version you can buy. Flight time of 28 mins, range of 5km, optical flow sensors, forward facing obstacle detectors and more for $1399.


Thoughts? Will more automation be a good or bad thing? Will you buy one? Does this kill all those over promising kickstarters? Will Chris from FTAfterhours be jealous?


New member
I've always been a huge skeptic of all the different overhyped/over promising autonomous drone kickstarters, so I hope this ends a bunch of those schemes.

I am a bit concerned that it will have 5km of range but I guess as long as DJI sends them all out the door with proper geo-fencing and altitude limits it won't be a big issue. I'm just not that fond of the type of pilots the Phantom attracts even though I think the equipment itself is pretty nice.
looks to pack a LOT of nice features and clearly tightens its "focus" on the photographers flying platform and looks to be leading the way as a "professional" product

NO I would NOT buy one as AP is NOT what I am after


Junior Member
You'll also be able to buy one from Apple retail stores from March 15. Looks like Apple are happy to jump on the drone bandwangon, and DLI are basicly the apple of drones so it seems like a good fit.