1. Mid7night

    Plane F-4 Phantom II - Twin 70mm EDF Monster!! V4

    These plans have been available for a while, but their previous location on Google Drive is being problematic, so I'm moving them here. Details: F-4 Phantom II Power: 2 x 70mm 12-blade EDF Battery: 6000mAh, 4S Graphene Wingspan: 36 inches Length: 54 inches Weight: 85 ounces - (5lb, 5oz) - (2.4Kg)
  2. Mid7night

    Plane F-4 Phantom - Twin 70mm EDF Monster v4

    F-4 Phantom II Power: 2 x 70mm EDF Battery: 6000mAh, 4S Wingspan: 36 inches Length: 54 inches Weight: 85 ounces - (5lb, 5oz) - (2.4Kg) BOTH PDF AND ZIP files are available, in case you want to run it on a CNC or laser. :D Build thread is here...
  3. DiveBombRC

    Cinematography-FeedBack wanted!

    Im doing professional cinematography and would love sugestions/comments on my work to improve faster. check out my latest video. any comments/likes would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!! :D
  4. A

    DJI Phantom 3 Forest Flying with Mountain Bikers

    Short video I put together from some DJI Phantom 3 standard flying at Dalby Forest, UK Hope you enjoy !
  5. HighFlyingAerials

    FliteTest Fan in France

    So I'm an American living in France for almost a year. My wife is French and we moved here to be closer to her family. I needed something to keep myself busy so I got the Phantom 4K and I love it! This is just one of the videos I have made so far and one of my favorites. I hope you enjoy it...
  6. Andre

    129 Phantom Menace

    129 Phantom Menace Chris and Andre have another bench flying session. Listen in to find out the BIG news from Andre. Tons of new products have been released or are coming soon. Find out some of the ones that caught our eye. 129 Phantom Menace
  7. Snarls

    Phantom 4 Is Here

    It's here, the DJI Phantom 4. Sporting some intelligent obstacle avoidance and a big battery, it looks quite a bit different from previous models. From what I can see there is only one version you can buy. Flight time of 28 mins, range of 5km, optical flow sensors, forward facing obstacle...
  8. D

    The Beach - DJI Phantom 3

    Practicing my editing skills... Enjoy this video taken with my Phantom 3 on the North Carolina shore!
  9. C

    The Drone Cyclone Company "A Gift offering for ALL Flite Test Members"

    Good Hello everyone, I went to the Flite Fest 2015 on Saturday, July 11th, 2015 in honor to the meet the Flite Test crew and it's awesome viewers. While I was there, I was handing out to many a FliteFest coupon for The Drone Cyclone Company an rc company based out of Doral, FL just outside of...
  10. S

    Phantom 3 Professional 1080p in Panama

    Video filmed in Las Lajas Beach in Panama, during a cloudy day
  11. Snarls

    Hubsan X4 Pro

    There may be a DJI Phantom competitor. Hubsan unveiled their X4 Pro at CES this year. They claim 40 minute flight times, although the guy in the video says 30, and full GPS functionality. It even has a 3-axis gimbal even though the landing gear does not retract...and the best part... it has an...
  12. N

    Hobbyking cheap quad frame - build log.

    Hobbyking cheap quad frame - phantom guts. Hi all! When I started this hobby I had a DJI phantom which had so many crashes and modifications that the frame was unusable. With my last hobbyking order I also added the X550 fibreglass frame kit (15 Euro) and after my huge mistake with using...
  13. D

    "Camera Drone" meet up. Phantom 2 vision plus vs. GoPro + Insane RC Helicopter!

    "Camera Drone" meet up. Phantom 2 vision plus vs. GoPro + Insane RC Helicopter! Like and Comment! Thanks
  14. L

    The flight that claimed my phantom.

    I had been flying my phantom all day, working on a new video. so i thought i'd have a bit of fun on my last flight. i continued flying when the battery was low and lost power, so i couldn't clear the fast approaching wall of death (some grass). anyway. i need a new frame now haha. enjoy...
  15. L

    DJI Phantom Frame Swap

    hey guys, just wondering if anyone has done a frame swap with a phantom? the stock one is super restricting so i've been looking at putting the electronics into an F450 or similar.
  16. J

    GOOD DEAL OR NO ?!?!?!?

    They are selling me a TBS Pro with 920kv T-Motors, Receiver for dx8 and a phantom 2 receiver n contoller, 2 batteries, dji 450 arms, e300 esc, video transmitter and some props?? For $700 I am new to this
  17. B

    DJI Phantom vs. Life Size Bumblebee Transformer

    Saw this on a road trip the other day so we stopped and grabbed some footage. Very cool especially if you grew up hooked on transformers like me :)
  18. D

    Phantom 2 FPV Film of Audi SQ5

  19. R

    Timing FPV First Flights, DJI Phantom, Fatshark Attitude V2

    Well, I have started, two successful flights. Wow! Two problems: loosing contact behind some trees; and loosing track of time. The trees thing was just dumb, I knew better. Anyway, the Phantom, God bless it, flew home as advertised. LESSON: know my local blind spots, and memorise how to regain...