Planes: Fire & Rescue Challenge


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Any chance of maybe labeling the parts in the plans? There are some in the FT Flying Boxcar that are a little ... vague.
Thanks for the great work that you do!

I second that. Part labels would go a long way with the plans.


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How about a set of plans for the dozer? My nephews would love a dropped dozer from cabby.


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I've been watching the videos for a while, but only now do I really want to build a foamy. Eagerly awaiting the Goose plans, as well as recommended equipment.

Well done gentlemen.


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you guys are the best
thank you
I will start cutting it now i want one of these it looked really cool in the air and it looked like it flew pretty good.


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How much different is the Goose compared to Foam and Tapes Twin Cargo. Would like to make one with a Flite Test designed wing.


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I really like the FT C-119 build and I'm thinking it would be cool to modify it to be amphibious. I spend a lot of time on the water to clear my head of a stressful job and what would be more relaxing than fishing AND flying at the same time!!! :D


What are you guys thinking of using to power these builds? I'm about to submit a hobbyking order for some other gear and trying to figure out if I can combine...


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After seeing this gymnast-like landing, I feel less bad about setting Dusty on the table at the park only to have him blown off, breaking one of the plastic clips on the floats. Which, by the way, is a big issue I've had with my HZ SC floats, as well. That plastic seems so brittle. The shame over my negligence crippling Dusty motivated me to think of a better manner of attaching those floats. Haven't really come up with anything particularly clever, though. :eek:
Really looking forward to seeing Peter's methods for dealing with waterproofing these birds. I really like a lot of the designs, but it's a real pain to spend a lot of time building a plane and getting a color scheme squared away and then have the paper delaminate. Or spend a lot of painstaking time minwaxing or applying packing tape.

I don't mind having to throw out an airframe I crashed, but putting hours into a plane and then have it fail due to moisture is annoying. So if I magically get a CNC cutter that can cut out my fevered ideas and have Peter's tips to easily waterproof, then the world opens up.

I've been a foam and tape fan for years, and now it's so obvious to me in hindsight what a good addition he would make/makes to the FT crew.


Great planes guys. I'm super excited to build the box car. Can you please do a build video on it. Plus any specs for electronics and props would be much appreciated.
I have the aerosol minwax, it's easier than the brushing and adds less weight, but at the end of the day, the more intricate models take a huge amount of time to cut and treat (or treat and cut) for their overall durability.