Please help me with the large Guinea Pig.


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When building the big Guinea Pig, what exactly to I have to solder before I get started?

If I get the foam boards laser cut, how big would the whole box be?


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If you don't buy a 2 into 1 battery harness then you have to make one. As for the box it depends on if you buy anything else. It's not a small kit so expect a larger box


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I think the box dimensions are listed on the store. You will most likely have to solder you 2>1 battery harness, 2 escs, and 2 motors. There is a tutorial on how to do the more complex bits in the FT cruiser build supplement.


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It is possible to buy all components with connectors already installed. If you go that route you will not have to solder anything.

If not then you will have to solder on connectors to the ESC, motor, and put together a power distribution cable.


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It is a bit daunting isn't it. I really wish that the FT crew would put together a tutorial on how to source all of the electronics used in ALL of the planes, and a build process of every electronic setup in ALL of the planes they sell and build. As a noob myself, I just had to watch alot of youtube videos, and go to my local hobby store for advice. I think that most veteran pilots forget how difficult it can be understanding how to wire up these planes. Example, i built the simple Storch as my first plane (yes I know not the best beginner plane) and had no idea how to hook up the ailerons. I watched the build video 12 times, and still didn't hear or see how Josh hooked it up. I took it to my local hobby store, and they showed me how to make a Y harness. It was a simple problem that should have been covered in the video in my opinion.
I know there is an electronics supplemental video, but it seemed very vague to me. I guess what I am saying is that they should include the electronics setup for each plane in each build video, in depth. Like really in depth, like a brand new flyer would want to see and learn.
As for your no solder issue, I would suggest learning how to solder because if you stay with the hobby, you will need to learn this anyway. If money is an issue like it is for me, ie. buying soldering tools, you have to get creative. I went to my local second hand store, and eventually found a soldering gun, solder, and flux. I spent a total of $8.

I hope you get it figured out, and if you do, would you mind posting how you went about it? I would love to know because I want to build the Guinea some day :)


just so you know (because I didn't until last weekend), some hobby stores will solder stuff for you.

I went to the HobbyTown USA near me and was looking to buy an adapter to make one of my internet-bought batteries work with my charger and planes. They didn't have the right adapter but the guy suggested I just solder the right connector on. After explaining that I didn't have a soldering iron, he offered to do it for me. He charged me like 3 bucks to swap out connectors on 2 batteries. Totally worth it to skip having to work out all that.