Post your best flying videos!


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It's the first one I have recorded why flying my Juggernaut. I'm a little annoyed at myself for not flying this thing more. It has like 5 flights on it since I took delivery of it at FTFF last year.



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Great videos, everyone. I looked through my channel and realized I should be taking more video when I fly. Here's a Baby Baron video I like that I've posted too many times. ;)



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all are nice videos! mine is a bit worst...

this is my best flying video as it's the first and only one so far^^
i have to work with "aperture" and video softwares.

here are some footage of my first HK 250 quad, before i loose it in the corn field you can see at the begining of the videos...
see the tip of the left red prop ? lost it in this area, it use to BIIIIP, but not this time...

i'll conduct survey mission in this area with another drone to find it, even if it died the first night it spent outside^^

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I was flying in Lakeview Ohio one morning early, the later I was able to taxi from the front yard and fly again. Put the video together into one. One of (if not the) favorite aircraft, the Tundra...



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This would be one of my favourite ones I have made:

All time favourite on YouTube would definitely be from RCPowers. Sorry FliteTest :rolleyes:


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That is the weirdest Doppler effect I have ever heard an rc model make.. wom wom wom wom wom womm almost sounds like you have a flat but with a prop instead of a tire. Interesting POV though watching a motor as the plane spins like that.


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I just started to fly on a 4s setup with my Versacopter and this is probably my best flight so far. I just have to pay more attention to flight times since I don't have any video or battery alarms wired yet for 4s.

Not a terrific video, but still fun (at least for me). I like flying in the evening (still air), but it makes for challenging lighting for a simple camera like the 808 #16 I used in this video. This is my FT Explorer XXL -- an Explorer variant with 2 meter wing w/ailerons.

This was from last night (30 June) at Charles Town, WV. Some long-duration test flights. I had almost 30 minutes of flight time over 3 flights (each with the camera pointed in different directions), with probably enough juice left over for another 30 minutes (3S 4500 mAh battery). That 2 meter wing likes to float!