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PowerPack E 12A ESC flashing?

Good Friday everyone!

I bought myself a FliteTest PowerPack E about a year and a half ago (when they still sold the CW/CCW threaded motors) for my ZMR250 and now I'm freshening my build up and want to make sure the latest BLHeli is installed, everything is calibrated right, Oneshot, etc...

The problem I'm running in to is that I've already got my controllers waterproofed, heat shrunk and installed so I don't know what chip they're using. SILABS or ATMEL.

When I connect BLHeliSuite using either option for the Cleanflight passthrough, it can connect and it detects 4 ESCs, but when I try to "Check" the ESCs, they're all blank - - - entries. And they only chime when I hit "Check" a second or third time, but still no info.

I'm using a 9V lithium battery to protect everything. I've used the same method on older ESCs to flash and calibrate before after smoking a motor. Haven't built myself a smoke-stopper bulb yet. I can't imagine this is the issue since I can actually arm the quad with it, and I've had good luck in the past with ESCs twice the size.

Joshua Bardwell's video on BLHeliSuite says a possible issue could be lack of a bootloader, but that it's uncommon these days. Could that be an issue?

Spektrum/Naze32 Rev6, latest version of Cleanflight. PowerPack E "generic" BLHeli 12A ESCs from the FT store.

Any thoughts? Any help at all would be appreciated. I need to fly something bigger than my Whoop!


P.S. Followup question. Is it worth the 60 bucks to upgrade to 2205(4?)/2300kv red-bottoms over the 2204/2300kv motors I have now from the PowerPack? Or should I wait to get more flight time under my belt to really appreciate the upgrade.
Good Friday everyone!
Anyone else who might be asking, they're EMAX or EMAX clone 12A. They're SILABS based and must be manually flashed via C2D pads (or solder wires in).

4-in-1 BLHeli programming via Cleanflight FC passthrough won't work unless you remove a resistor and a filtering capacitor from the signal input of the ESC, but that then affects input sensitivity and is written that it may affect runability.

There has been some conjecture whether these are worth flashing or not. Just know that you'll have to skin and re-wrap any ESCs you want to initially flash.