Presenting the Vertex Hybrid VTOL Kickstarter Campaign

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In a nutshell, the Vertex is a tilt-rotor UAV that combines the flight time, range and speed of an airplane with the hovering, vertical takeoff and landing capabilities of a multicopter. The Vertex is designed to be a versatile platform that can be adapted to various performance levels by using interchangeable wing sections and flying with one or two batteries in parallel.

The endurance configuration provides a forward flight time of up to 70 minutes and a 30 mile (48 km) range, while carrying a GoPro and brushless gimbal. Beyond performance, it's stable at any transition angle from hover to forward flight, which provides a different and fun flight experience.

We designed it to carry a camera, gimbal, and FPV equipment, plus it has plenty of payload space (up to 1060 g in standard configuration) so you can decide what to use it for.

We'd like to hear what you think!

-Juan and AJ Cruz-Ayoroa, The CQV Team

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