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Problem with Mobius Cam (wide angle)

Hi, I'm using a Mobius cam as a dashboard cam at the moment, but it has a slight jerkiness to the footage which puts me off getting another one for flight recording or FPV. I'll upload an example video to youtube and hope the problem is still visible.

It's a Mobius with a wide lens
Recording in wide FOV
1080p 30fps
on a Samsung 32GB card

Any Ideas?
What class memory card are you using? The Mobius needs a Class 4 or better (bigger number). If you are not using a Class 4 or better, the Mobius will not be able to write the data to the card fast enough (and not all cards are equal). I'd try a faster card (like a Class 6) to see if that helps.
I'm using a class 10 card, and Samsung are a good brand for that.

It did cross my mind earlier that it might be a playback issue, I will find a way to test that.

I tried reducing the FOV to normal and the resolution to 720p to see if it made it better, but no luck...
I agree with bitogre, I think that your memory card is at fault. This quote was taken from the big Mobius forum on RCgroups:

Memory Cards

Class 4 memory cards from popular manufacturers provide the best compatibility with this camera and are recommended. Class 6 and Class 10 cards, at best, do NOTHING to improve the camera's video and cost more, and at worst, they may not work properly! ALL MEMORY CARDS should be formatted using the camera's internal formatting routine for best compatibility! . If you are uncertain about what kind of memory card to buy, order one from the camera vendor when you place your order.
I use a class 4 Kingston card in my wide angle Mobius with no issues at 1080p/30. But before you go out and buy a new memory card, make sure you are using the latest firmware. I understand that recent firmware updates have attempted to address memory card compatibility issues.


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I saw in the video what your issue is...this guy explains it in this video review of the Mobius (starting at the 18 minute mark). That's the camera stopping one video file and creating another to keep the file sizes down. In the Mobius software there's a setting to turn this on or off or set the clip time. Download the Mobius software here. http://mobius-actioncam.com/softwareuser-guide/ In the software, the setting is under the "Global Recording Settings" tab. The option is called "Video Clip Length".



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Mobius v Mac

Im having real difficulty downloading footage from my new Mobius to my Mac.
The Mac will recognise the camera as an external drive but when it gets to the point where about 5% of the footage is downloaded, it hangs and the Mobius disconnects itself. I've managed to download one still image but footage is no go - i'm using iPhoto/iMovie.
I'm running 10.9.4 and the Mobius has a Class 4 card.
What are other Mac users doing that i'm not or is an issue of Mobius not liking the Mac platform.
Help/advice much appreciated.
couldnt you use a separate micro sd card reader? ive had some issues plugging in camera devices with sd cards in them, and i use a PC. most of the time it works fine but occasionally ill have a crazy camera that doesnt like my computer. dont use a micro sd card adaptor, but using an actual reader should work fine/better. goodluck