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Programming ESC With Programmer

Ok, I'm back again. I appreciate all the help I've gotten so far.

I've searched this forum and web and have found no real definitive answers. On my Tricopter (David W's tricopter design) I'm using the following:

ESC's: (HK 20amp)
ESC http://www.hobbyking.com/hobbyking/store/uh_viewItem.asp?idProduct=40684

And I have the:(HK Programming card)

I have had several successful flights on my tricopter so far now. However, I have had a couple hard landings due to the ESC losing power after my battery senses what I'm assuming to be the low voltage limit. Now, I don't want to run my batteries to low, but I don't want my ESC's deciding when that is. My question is, if I program my ESC as NIMH will they stop shutting down? (if that is even what is going on) I currently have the card set to "BATT protect 2.8V/50%" but after it shuts down I check my battery and I have 3.6Vmin (resting). And In a hover I wouldn't think that I'm pulling that battery down to 2.8v.

I'm using DT750's
I'm not sure of my AUW, I'll have to get that.
I'm using some 3s 2200 20c

I'm used to flying planes and "purchased" quads (X4 and some other small quads). This homemade tri is new to me so bear with me!
Any Ideas?


Senior Member
you have 3.6V left without load, with load, it may very likely drop to belov 2.8V which seems like a pretty low value for a LiPo, but I'm not an expert on it.

I know my Emax Simon series ESC's with standard settings will simply start losing power as the batteries get low and I need to push higher up on the throttle for power. which is a good compromise.
I used to run that exact setup and I find it hard to believe you are having that much sag unless they are old batteries. I would suggest turning LVC off and use a cheap lipo alarm or a timer instead. A cheap $10-15 amp meter from Hk is also a good investment to see what you are drawing and what the sag is under load.