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Prop choices


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I am flying an FT Tiny Trainer on an A pack motor, I am having trouble finding more 6x3 props (FT store is sold out of the HQ ones that I purchased before, Amazon's search doesn't even seem to understand what a 6x3 prop). The motor says it is good for 5-7in props, but doesn't have listed the second part of the prop.

So I am looking at either the APC 6x3, but that appears to be about 2x the mass as the props I have based on the store page, or wondering what other props might work well for my motor/plane.


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you mean like .... THESE?

you get both regular and R props so you can build both tractor configuration (Tiny Trainer), or a pusher (Arrow). Some people only want the tractors but i have plenty of both configurations so i never mind getting both.

good luck,

me :cool:


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It’s always a good practice to bench test a new prop size. Give the new prop a 10 second run, then stop and touch the motor & ESC to check the temperature. Warm is OK, but if you can’t hold them, stop, they are too hot. If it passes, try a 30 second run, then a 60 second run.

When it gets hot outside, 95+, a prop that worked when cooler, may cause over heating. Its good to check the motor & ESC temperature after a flight.

Indy durtdigger

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Those APC props are tough. The one I've got on my mini P-39 has survived a brush with a fence and a bad crash when the elevator control rod came unhooked on me. It bounced off 2 grain wagons a livestock gate and yet another fence behind the gate.

Indy durtdigger

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The APC props are awesome! (The slow fly's aren't very tough though)
The one I'm using or moreover the two I got to try are the 6X4 speed props. Thanks for the tip on the slow fly's. I've been looking at some other APC props to try as that plane is more than a handful at full throttle. Been looking at 6X3 or maybe trying a couple of 5 inch props to see how they do. Given that this one is banged up now it's the perfect test bed.

The Hangar

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I love my HQ 6x4.5's I bought four over a year ago and they haven't broken yet, despite multiple crashes.
I have some of those and I used them on the Evangel 4500 which saw some bad crashes trying to get it to fly. I have one on the DR-1 and it's doing great! Oh yeah - and I used them on the nano-goblin but as you can imagine crashing at 70 mph isn't pretty. The prop didn't survive, even though it was just a friction fit and no nut holding it on - so responsible of me! :ROFLMAO:


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FYI: the 6x4.5 that I was linked above, I got out and was flying today. My son on 3C landed his plane (he runs 100% throttle more then I do) with the 3D printed firewall warped out of shape and the engine was quite hot to the touch (Power Pack A motor). 2C, the motors were fine. (so we found that the prop was ok on 2cell, but to much load for the motor on 3C... the 20A FT ESC didn't seem to care either way.