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Prop Saver bands

Im not sure if any has posted this before, but I find that these work well for my prop saver.

They can be found at harbor freight and are about 5bux, you can even use a 20% off coupon to get the price down more.



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A couple of orders ago I picked up some prop saver bands from Hobbyking for fairly cheap. Ten of them should last me a long time as I've only gone through one. Once I'm out I'll probably try the idea that RAM mentions with cutting stretch bands. I've also tried zip ties which held the prop, but weren't as flexible and probably not as forgiving.


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Therabands are excellent. I struggled with this a bit at the beginning, but once I bought a section of blue Theraband, I haven't had to fiddle with the plane. They just work great!

Tip: Don't make your theraband prop saver bands too thick. That makes it really hard to install, and can actually warp the props. Each application is a little different and you'll figure out how thick to make them for your own application. Sizing them about as wide as they are thick seems to work well as a start.
I had the harbor freight orings fail on me a few times while I was half way across the country and so I picked up a slingshot band from Walmart. Pretty much the same as theraband and it has been working great.


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I took one of my propsaver bands to Lowe's and dug around in their O-ring stock until I found some that matched, then bought a bunch. They're pretty much like Alzey mentioned above... size 13 or 14, don't recall which. But they work great.