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Proper RX Placement


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In this episode of Flite Test, Josh and Josh talk about donuts? Watch as the team demonstrates how a RX works, and where to place them in your plane, for the best possible reception.

Great Episode... Being very heavy in to Electronics/Avionics using a Doughnut to describe polarity... Great idea.

LOL, To Josh Scott... Hope the Doughnut was a good one.

What is with Josh Scott's hand. Looks like gloves to cover a burn or something like that. Is all well?

Now I am hungry... and not one Doughnut in the entire house ;(
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I hear you John, the closest Doughnut shop to me is 80 miles one way! :(

I do have an old german doughnut recipe though. ;)

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Just tried flying without eating a donut....SOOOOOOOO much easier. I wish I had thought of that earlier. I love these little tips :rolleyes:

Seriously though, good episode. Great explanation of the satellites.
The one he showed was a Parkzone Version. The reviewed it a few of weeks ago. Installing custom retracts. Under Tips. Check out the thread, a pretty good one. I Have the Parkzone version, and it is the Timex of RC. Takes a Lickin and Keeps On Tick'n. Can't tell you how many crashes I have put this plane through and just glued it back together :) The one I really want to get is the FMS Version.
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Getting the AR8000 rx and satellite in the big warbird seems like a "piece of donut" compared to fitting them in a PZ Radian Pro.

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Fly the wings off
I'd like to see the Josh's take a stab at heli's. I'm curious to see how they fare as noob. See if I did any worse than those two at learning the black art of hovering. :eek: