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Pumpkin drop event

Proximity flying at the ballpark

What's up flite test!
Took my wing out for a blast around the ball park today, getting lower everyday, getting ready for my trip to New Zealand!
Sub to the channel there will be some extra epic/scenic footage coming very very soon!

I'm flying a custom versa wing, full fpv setup, carries a session 4 and a 2200 3s. Could use a little more power and some bunny ear vstabs to stop some waggle but for now she's a fine platform.


Wake up! Time to fly!
Not bad mate.

I think if you crank up your expos you will tend to over correct less and thus be able to make finer adjustments and get even closer to the ground. You will probably be less worried over crashing having much finer control. I know it helps me a lot and I have to clean the grass stains off my lens every time I go fly. Most times it is not from crashing.


Faster than a speeding faceplant!
I concur with PsyBorg. Gotta admit tho, I love that flying chunk of turf at the very end of the video. Looks like me 'landing' my tricopter. :)

At about 2:00 in that video you pass a tree on your left. Is that a quad blasting by going the other direction?
Running 30% expo atm, might crank it up a bit more and see how it goes. Was a bit windy today and had quite a bit of turbulence so ended up taking it up higher and gliding around.
Can't wait to get lower and lower.

And not sure what that is at 2:00... might be a bird, I was the only one flying at the park and haven't come across anybody else flying in the area since I've been at it.


Wake up! Time to fly!
I had to re-watch that video like 15 times before I saw what did look like a quad go zooming past head on to the left side.

Expos are easy to change specially if you are not flying a quad with them set on a flight controller but in your radio. Don't be afraid to crank them up to 60+ you can always dial them back. Better to start too high and back off for you abilities then be too low and crash due to over compensating at the wrong time like a down draft or a cross wind gust.

When I started flying quads I cranked the expos up to 70% as I was doing them on the radio at the time. Now I fly with them set in the flight controller to 20-30% which kind of crosses over to radio controlled expos of 45% by feel anyways.
Yeah i'll probably crank em up a bit more and see how it feels, Having dual rates on a simple flip switch is really nice. means when I want to get a bit more agile it's a simple flip and let the twitchyness begin.

Time's closing before I need to dismantle and pull all the electronics outta my bird ready to take to NZ. will be nice to go fly in some mountains!!

Thanks for the suggestions on expos! I'm also getting a quad soon for some flying back home. Excited to see what mischief I can get up to


Wake up! Time to fly!
Cool mate. Enjoy the trip mate and be sure to get us some footage so we too can see what you will be seeing.