1. Longtoes

    Wondering about aircraft propeller sizes

    Hi! I'm glad to finally make an account after watching Flite Test for quite a few years. Today I'd like to ask about propeller efficiency and how it correlates with aircraft range. So, from what I've gathered from data, it seems larger props unanimously produce more thrust for a given amount of...
  2. ZXZE

    Turnigy 9X

    the turnigy 9x could only communicate with the reciever within 10 feet only. What could actually be the cause? Pls help
  3. johnreto

    windsurfer reflectors?

    hey guys, i've been reading about these windsurfer reflector antennae mods and DIY stuff. Does it really help? Approx how much more range can you get? And can i build one for my futaba t6k transmitter or do i have to have an external antennae? thanks
  4. johnreto

    windsurfer antennaes

    hey guys, i've been reading about these windsurfer reflector antennae mods and DIY. does it really help? how much more range can you get? And can i build one myself for my futaba t6k transmitter? thanks
  5. S

    Proximity flying at the ballpark

    What's up flite test! Took my wing out for a blast around the ball park today, getting lower everyday, getting ready for my trip to New Zealand! Sub to the channel there will be some extra epic/scenic footage coming very very soon! I'm flying a custom versa wing, full fpv setup, carries a...
  6. Snarls

    Dual Module Range Issues - OrangeRX and Turnigy 9X Stock

    Hey guys if you remember last month I modded my Turnigy 9x to have both the external stock module and an internal OrangeRX DIY module. This issue now is that I am getting very poor range on both modules. With the stock I get around 80m through trees and with the OrangeRX I get around 60m through...
  7. K

    First FPV kit questions..

    Hello Im currently looking into getting my first full fpv system for my 480 quadcopter. I have a few questions I was hoping you guys could help me out on that I cant seem to find the answer for. Im also on a budget, trying to get the full bundle for as cheap as possible. 1. What makes the...
  8. K

    HobbyKing 2.4Ghz 6Ch Tx & Rx V2 HELP PLEASE??

    Hi guys just wondering if anyone has used this transmitter and receiver set from hobby king http://www.hobbyking.com/hobbyking/store/__9042__Hobby_King_2_4Ghz_6Ch_Tx_Rx_V2_Mode_2_.html Thinking of getting it for a quadcopter build? Any thoughts on it? What would the range be on something like...
  9. P

    Long Range HD FPV + Telemetry 15+ Mile Range

    About this project The Long Range Telemetry + HD Video/Audio is a portable device that allows you to use your tablet, smartphone (yes even iOS), or laptop as a ground station for your APM and Pixhawk powered vehicles. The system makes the connection between your tablet/smartphone, your ground...
  10. S

    Long Distance Skywalker FPV 3.5Km RT

    Hey folks, I did my first and second FPV flight with my Skywalker 1900 today and I thought i would share the video. The video has most of the details so here you go: You can watch the second flight HERE Today was a little cloudy up high, about 45F, and no wind which is just about right in my...
  11. J

    Range and Weight on multirotors

    Hello everyone, I want to build my own quad or hexa, but I have some questions about it, could use some help. I need to go far, far away from me, about 1km, so I need a reciever that make it or is all about the transmitter? Also goes to the fpv, how far can I go? About weight lifting, I need...
  12. D

    boascam 200mw 5.8 GHz very very low range

    Hi everyone, I'm new in this forum even thought I've been following flitest show for quite a long time. I recently started doing some FPV, as mentioned in the title the FPV set up is made by boscam 200mw 5.8GHz TX,RX (TS351 transmitter, RC305 Reciver) and mobius. The connection are good, I...
  13. R

    how 5g8 fpv gear affects range of standard spectrum tx and rx

    hi there. so a few days back i was flying my F.P.V. plane and i was starting to wonder 'is my video transmitter affecting my range and if so, how much.' i started by measuring the distance of a spectrum AR5210 in range mode and found i got a distance of 94 feet without any interference of...
  14. S

    What is the range of quadcoptors

    I am new to flight tests. I am exploring to build a quadcopter for testing. what is the maximum range that can be achieved by these multirotors. what should be the configuration of the quadcopter to carry a payload 1 Kilogram( 2.2 lbs. ) to achieve maximum range.
  15. A

    Cloverleaf Antenna size

    Hi all :) As my first thread in the forum (probably in the wrong place too...and there is probably already an answer to my question), I want to ask about Cloverleaf Antenna's. Now I understand why to use Cloverleafs, clockwise and anti-clockwise builds, but I want to really ask about size...