QUADCOPTER for payload: heavy 300gm gimbal + gopro and fpv


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Hey guys! :)

I'm really excited to begin another build, I'm addicted .... Always trying to make a better one.

I plan this one to be it, the product of all the knowledge gained since I began multirotor just over a year ago.

So my planned specs are:

The hobbyking x580 frame - now before you rubbish it let me explain, I bought one of these a few months ago, and I have put it though complete hell, it's been dropped from 30m straight onto its arms, sure it bent the alloy arms but that centre plate has been really working for me.... It's simple - dead cheap and when you tighten it up its stuff as, and light too.

Sunnysky 2216 800kv out runners - I have a set of 2212 1300 kv's and I have out them through hell and they are still balanced and run smooth: plus they have a real good rep.

F30a hobbyking escs - ill flash with simon k :)

The dji naza lite - this controller excites me, all of the videos and reviews online of maiden flights with boss position lock makes me want to pay all that money :)

I was thinking carbon 1045 props :)

Now before I talk about batteries, my payload will be:

For the moment - the heaviest gimbal known to
Man weighing in at about 300gm.
+ gopro + fpv transmitter + a board cam and obviously the rest of the copter.

Now I am finally looking at building something that flies for longer than 8 minutes, so I was thinking a 5000 mah 4s or 3s depending on what you guys think ill need thrust wise?

Anyone have any input? And from experience 4 or 3 cell? :)


:) dave