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Quadcopter won't take off


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Hi everybody !

First of all, sorry if my English isn't perfect, I'm French :)
So, i just buyed an Dij Naza (lite) F450 (http://www.flashrc.com/dji_innovations/12915-f450_dji_quadro_naza_m_lite_gps_kit_moteurs_controleurs_avec_naza_m_lite_gps.html) and the 9X as radiocontroller. I builded everthings, configure the naza etc.
But, when I first tried it : FAIL. It flip over instantly ! After looking closely, I noticed that the motors aren't spinning at the same speed ! There are 2 which are faster than the 2 others :(.

Oh, just to be sure, when I wan't to take off (In altitude mode), I just have to increase the throttle ?

I'm comming here for some help, I'm desesperate ^^.

Thanks in advance and thanks for reading

PS : I just found a video which illustrate perfectly my problem :
This is the exact same problem (But I didn't broke any props for now ^^)
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I'm so dumb ... I changed the orientation of my F450 without changing the motors plugs ...
Now, my F450 is stable but don't have enough power, It go up for about 2 cm but that's all. I put all gain to 250% without any progress. My battery is fully charged ...

Thanks in advance

(Thx for your quick answer :))


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I didn't used that since I bought everything from the same kit (link in the first post) and because other people succeded to fly it


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I used the function "TX calibration" in the DJI Naza assistant but It seem's that not the same as the ESC calibration. I haven't be able to find any info on how to calibrate ESCs with the naza controller. How do you do that ?

Thanks !


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Usually it's done directly from the Rx. Plug each ESC into the Rx and (with the props off or loose) go through the calibration for your ESC's one at a time. It's better to bypass the controller board to rule it out as part of the problem.


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Are you sure the Naza's orientation is correct (not mounted sideways or backwards), that will confuse the gyro's and show the behaviour you described


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I checked all orientation (GPS & Naza), I doubled checked my motors. All plugs are right. So, my quadcopter don't turn over since I plugged correctly my motors, I just don't have enough power. I'd like to calibrate my ESC with my turnigy 9X but I'm not sure to understand how to do that :(. Where do I plug my lipo ? Do you have any tuto (video or text) ?

Thanks a lot


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My ESC's (Turnigy Multistar) appear to have no calibration, so I don't have a tutorial.

Some procedures may be Naza specific if you want to calibrate all ESC's at the same time (for the KK2 I know you have to press two buttons at startup), all that basically does is connect the throttle channel directly to the ESC's.

So the alternative is to connect the ESC's one by one to the throttle channel of your receiver and perform the procedure (google ESC calibration, there are youtube videos about that)


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Hi again,

Sorry to bother you (again ...) but it can't be a calibration problem since I have 30A OPTO NAZA DJI so they cannot be calibrated. Any other mistake I could have make ?

Thanks :)


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Are the props, the right way up (with the text of the size showing on top)?
Otherwise they'll be much less efficient in thrust, just asking


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Well, I'm running out of ideas:confused:, we've covered everything I can think of.
Maybe post a short vid?, might trigger something with the experts if they see what's happening